Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How To Recreate The AIA weblogic User And Roles?

After changed the password of weblogic, all the roles and groups of AIA disapear, I tried the following to get them back.

To recreate the AIA user or rles for weblogic the following steps can be followed(weblogic should be running):

1) Copy of the file Test.xml to the directory $AIA_INSTANCE/config (poner el archivo en google drive).

2) Navigate to $AIA_HOME/Infrastructure/Install/AID.
3) Run the following command to remove and recreate the user roles:

ant -f AIAInstallDriver.xml -DDeploymentPlan=$AIA_INSTANCE/config/Test.xml -DPropertiesFile=$AIA_INSTANCE>/config/AIAInstallProperties.xml -logfile $AIA_INSTANCE/logs/Testl.log

I had to modified the command above for running in windows:

4) Check the log file to see is done successfully.

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