Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How To Recreate The AIA weblogic User And Roles?

After changed the password of weblogic, all the roles and groups of AIA disapear, I tried the following to get them back.

To recreate the AIA user or rles for weblogic the following steps can be followed(weblogic should be running):

1) Copy of the file Test.xml to the directory $AIA_INSTANCE/config (poner el archivo en google drive).

2) Navigate to $AIA_HOME/Infrastructure/Install/AID.
3) Run the following command to remove and recreate the user roles:

ant -f AIAInstallDriver.xml -DDeploymentPlan=$AIA_INSTANCE/config/Test.xml -DPropertiesFile=$AIA_INSTANCE>/config/AIAInstallProperties.xml -logfile $AIA_INSTANCE/logs/Testl.log

I had to modified the command above for running in windows:

4) Check the log file to see is done successfully.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Using java namespace with XSLT replace example

This is an example of how we can use basics Java functions (methods), sometimes it can be very useful. We will use the "Replace" function for the example.

This example only works when using an XSLT (Transform).

First take a look in the XSD which we are doing the example:

Then let's say that we want to replace any character of "&" (ampersand) that comes in the "Inputvariable" to the following character of "$" (dollar sign).

This is the XSLT that we need to implement the replace java function.

Now these are the steps for implementing the Java Replace Function.

1.- Add the following namespace

2.- Add the following Template at the bottom. (We have to use the HTML uni code name for the & its equivalence to unicode is \u0026)

  <xsl:template name="strReplace">
    <xsl:param name="param"/>
    <xsl:value-of select="strClass:replaceAll($param, '\u0026', '#')"/>

3.- Add the "call-template" XSLT function and comment the actual mapping:

  <xsl:call-template name="strReplace">
    <xsl:with-param name="param"


After deploying the BPEL Composite in the EM using Hello$World.

We got:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Example query-database in BPEL 11g

This is an example of how to query directly from the database from BPEL, it can be done using an Assign or Tranform (XSLT).

        oraext:query-database("SELECT COUNT (STORE_ID) AS TOTAL_PROMO FROM SE_INT_FWK.SE_CAT_STORE",true(),true(),"jdbc/fwk")