Thursday, July 31, 2014

WF_EVENTS 3802: Agent does not exist Error using Business Event FIXED!

I faced the following error getting it from WF_ERROR: "3802: Agent does not exist" 

You got the error trying to execute a business event and it never is picked up for the BPEL that is listening the queue.

This is what I did to solve it:

1.- Query the business event you are facing problems and get the GUID value:

SELECT * FROM WF_EVENTS WHERE NAME LIKE 'oracle.apps.per.api.person.update_person'

2.- Once you get the GUID do the next query:

select * from WF_EVENT_SUBSCRIPTIONS where event_filter_guid in ('C0FA1882B0F6A80BE0301490C8C473C5')

3.- Check if the field is empty or if it has a value:

4.- If it has a value or is empty we have to check the properly GUID for this, this GUID corresponds to the GUID Agent of the WF_BPEL_Q, so we have to look for the GUID of the agent as follows:

select * from wf_agents where name = 'WF_BPEL_QAGENT'