Wednesday, October 9, 2013

BPEL 11g - Disabling the Auto recovery

En este blog encontre esta solucion interesante para deshabilitar el "Recovery" y evitar que las instancias de BPEL se queden en el estatus "Running".

Scenario 1:Auto Recovery only for sync process.

  1. In the navigator, right click "soa-infra" and select "SOA Administration Common Properties" Advanced More SOA Infra advanced Configuration Properties
  2. In the Name Column, click GlobalTxMaxRetry (The maximum of times  a GLOBAL_RETRY FabricInvocationException can be retried before bubbling up)
  3. Set GlobalTxMaxRetry = 0 (Default : 2)
  4. Similary, GlobalTxRetryInterval (The number of seconds between retries in the case of GLOBAL_RETRY FabricInvocationException) Set GlobalTxRetryInterval = 0 (Default : 3)

Scenario 2: Disabling recovery attempts for faulted instances.
1. Log in to Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control.
2. Right-click soa-infra.
3. Select SOA Administration > BPEL Properties.
4. Click More BPEL Configuration Properties.
5. In the Name column, click RecoveryConfig.
6. Expand RecurringScheduleConfig.
7. Set the following properties to values and click Apply.
maxMessageRaiseSize =0
8. Expand StartupScheduleConfig, respectively.
9. Set the following properties to values and click Apply.